Useful Plants and Heirloom Vegetables

This side is about the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people.

Heirloom Vegetables

Heirloom plants or heirloom varieties, especially from vegetables are cultivars grown commonly during earlier periods in history. Heirloom plants are not used in modern agriculture. Today only small farms or home gardeners grow these plants for historical interest or because they want to taste the different varieties of vegetables. Some gardeners select heirloom plants due to an interest in traditional organic gardening. Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination. That means, gardeners can save there own seeds year after year. The trend of growing heirloom plants in gardens has been growing in popularity in the USA and Europe over the last years.

Edible wild plants

Edible wild plants are undomesticated or feral plants, considered weeds, yet having some positive effects or uses, often being ideal as companion plants in gardens.


Ethnobotany is the studies of the complex relationships between plants and cultures.

Useful Plants

Just a few plants (approximately 20) provide the majority of food eaten worldwide. But there are thousands of other useful plants which are mostly unknown. Many of them can be used in permaculture.